Trending Content API

Trending Content API

Provides access to real-time socially trending content across the ShareThis Publisher Network of 2M+ websites. 


Users sharing content on social networks, or friends and followers clicking on shared links indicate a measure of social popularity for content. We refer to this as Social Reach. When combined with velocity (i.e. how fast the Social Reach is occurring) the API delivers content that is in essence viral at that moment based on Social Reach and velocity.


How it works

1. Register for a Account to access ShareThis APIs.
2. Select the ShareThis APIs you want to use.
3. Immediately receive your unique API Keys.
4. Start coding away and creating innovative social tools.


Do you want to see the API in action? Check out the Web Share API in the API Explorer.


Base Endpoint URL

Get Live Trending Content

This is the method for requesting the latest list of URLs that are socially trending based on the sharing activity of all users in the given time period, domain and/or topic.


Call description:

Parameter Description Requirement
range Time range (in seconds) to look back to compute trending. Default: 3600 (1 hr) number (optional)
domain The domain for which to retrieve trending URLs. Must be url-encoded. string (optional)
topic The topic or key phrase for which to retrieve trending URLs. e.g. 'Oil Spill' string (optional)
url_limit Maximum number of URL to return. Defaults to 50. number (optional)
return Format of returned results. Only JSON is supported at this time. string (optional)
url Return public comments (if available) for specified URL string (optional)
api_key Your API Key string (required)


Response description:

Response Parameter Description
status Success code for request. Either TRUE or FALSE
url_count Number of URLs returned that match query
urls Array of URLs with data. Remaining elements below refer to each URL in array
comments List of comments for a specific URL element.
comments_count Number of comments returned for URL
dateDisplay String indicating time of last social activity for this URL
domain Domain of returned URL. e.g.
img Endpoint of image thumbnail for content URL from domain.
imagehash ShareThis hash value for image thumbnail. You may use this hash as an alternative instead of the img parameter. The endpoint for ShareThis extracted image thumbnail is{hash value}
title Extracted title string for URL
snippet Extracted description snippet for URL.
score Overall ranking score for URL. This is a combination of relevance based on topic/keyword match, social reach, and velocity of social activity
keywords A list of salient keywords with relevance scores extracted from content contained in URL. Typically, these keywords occur in the article and deemed to be important based on our analysis.
topics A list of Wikipedia topics that are most representative of the content. Wikipedia topics are usually more general and useful than specific keywords for purpose of topic aggregation.
topics99 A list of top-level categories that the content is classified into. e.g. video games
url The destination URL of the content.